EPS Sandwich Panel Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Line

laminator for corrugated sandwich panel is a integrated production line consisting of a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. The roll forming machine and the laminating system can be operated separately. The roll forming machine consists of decoiler, main body and post-cut equipment. The laminating system consists of feeding, glue, heating, laminating and post-cutting. The whole machine is under control of PLC.

The line can produce single corrugated sheet, and can also produce the sandwich panel with rabbet joint and corrugated sandwich panel.

Main technical parameter for EPS Sandwich Panel Line

Sandwich panel specification Length: Min cutting length is 2 m
Max cutting length is 15m
: (see profile drawing)
Thickness: (see profile drawing)
raw material specification coil thickness: 0.4~0.6 mm (steel be flat without ups and downs,deformation and bending)
sheet yield stress: ≤235MPa
coil max : 1200 mm (tolerance±2mm)
coil max weight: 4T
coil ID: Φ500 and Φ600 mm
coil OD: Φ1000 mm
EPS material: density is≥18㎏/m3,unstraight of each side ≤1㎜/m,,curve ≤3㎜/m,surface be even, ineveness smaller than 1.5mm/m, EPS material single piece length more than 3m.
Material suitable shape: see profile drawing
Material suitable : minimum shall be 1/2mm of the finished panel
Machine line specification Work line speed : 1000-3000 mm/min (frequency speed adjustment).Attention: depend on glue brand, temperature and proficiency of operators.
Machine length : about 40 m
Working : 1050 mm(panel output )
Laminating effective length: 7.5 m
Control way: adopt industrial computer PLC
Total power: about 35 kw
Power: 380V/3phase/50 Hz
control voltage: 24 V/110 V/220 V
pneumatic: 0.7 Mpa (self prepared by factory) best working temperature:around 25℃ Layout drawing for EPS Sandwich Panel Line

Layout drawing for EPS Sandwich Panel Line

Profile drawing for EPS Sandwich Panel Line

Finished products show for EPS Sandwich Panel Line

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