H-beam Welding Complete Line

H-beam Welding Complete Line

H-beam welding complete Line is a wonderful technical product that integrates mechanical, electric, and pneumatic technologies. The machine, using advanced technology of single-arc double-wire welding, greatly increases the product efficiency. It consists of welding machine, position fixing machine and conveyer. After fixing the position for the web and two flanges of H-profile steel, the welding machine can automatically localize, clamp, adjust, weld, transport until finishing the all work. The automatic mode of this line greatly lowers the cost of manufacture.

Main parameters for H-beam welding complete Line

operation about 750 mm
dimension of conveyor about 2000×12000 mm
dimension of main frame about 1000 ×3500 mm
hydraulic motor power about 5.5 KW
power requirement AC 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Components for H-beam welding complete Line

1.Main frame
3.Hydraulic station

Working flow for H-beam welding complete Line

Put the flange plate on the conveyor → oil vat for turning the flange plate → upright the two flanges → oil vat for turning flange plate reposition → oil vat for lifting work → flange plate lifting → put the web plate on the conveyor → oil vat for lifting descend → web plate and two flange plates on the conveyor → adjust them as requirement → spot weld the head of three plate and let them to be H-profile

Complete line working flow

The layout of the H-beam welding complete Line

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