Roof(Wall) Panel Roll Forming Machine

roof/wall panel roll forming machine

is mainly used in the production of colored steel sheets. The machine is artistically made and transmits smoothly at a low noise. It is a kind of very welcomed modern building material with better anti-press and anti-bending performance, and is widely used in the building of garden like factories, civil-construction and mansions, etc. Its length is set according to customer’s requirements and transportation situation. Its color is selected from the color code of the steel factory.


The machines will be ready within 60 days (excluding 20 days Chinese Spring Festival holiday) from receipt of the deposit as well as approval of sales contract, technical specification and profile drawing. The shipment will be made within 10 days after the seller receives the balance.




30% of the contract price is to be paid by T/T in advance; the balance is to be paid to seller by T/T before the shipment. Installation charge is to be paid before installation by T/T.

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