1. What is the raw material of the roller?



2. And what is the dimension of roller?

Depends on the actual product size


3. Which kind of decoiler should be for this line?

Hydraulic expanding/Manual expanding/


4. What is the capacity of decoiler?

(Usually if the material is more than 5t, it should be equipped with loading car)


5. Thc consumption of whole line (the total pwer/oil consumption)

Depends on actual machines


6. The roll foring speed/the cutting speed?



7. What is the thickness of the raw material?

Depends on the clients requirement


8. What is the yield strenght of the raw material?



9. The total lenght of whole line?

Depends on final design


10. Usually how many persons should be sent for installation?

2-3 personse


11. And how long to finish the installation in buyer’s factory?


Usually 20days


12. What is the installating cost?

100USD/person per day, and the buyer should pay the fly cost, food and hotel when our personse reach you.


13. What is the guarantee of the machine after it reach buyer’s factory?

1 year since the machine reach buyer’s factory.


14. What is the delivery time? Can it be shorter?

Depends on actual design


15. What about the after-sale service?

During the guarantee period, we supply the spare parts and wearing parts in free of charge.


16. Could you give me some reference of your products which have been exported to foreign contries/



17. May I have some of your videos of this machine?



18. How to control the quality?

You could test the final products by special tools.


19. What is the brand of the electric parts?

International brand such Siemens,Oma/ABB/AB etc.


20. How many hours/minuts to change the casstte for each time?

For tube line, it is about 1-2hours


For roll forming lines: about 1 hour


21. What is the material of welding tube?  

Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel etc

22. What is the material of shaft?   

45# steel,

23. What is the diameter of shaft?

Depends on the atucal product size

24. What is the material of roller?  

 45#steel,Gcr15,D2 etc

25. What is the type of punching?      

 Stop to punch, flying punch

26. How many roller stands?    

Depends on the profile from clienst


27. How to control the C&Z purlin changing? Manual or Automatic?

 Manual to exchange and turn over


28. Could you please give us the layout drawing of welding tube line?   


29. For stainless tube, you need industrial tube or decoration tube?

30. What is the output of welding tube per month?   

31. Could you please send me your workshop layout drawing or size?