Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable tray roll forming machine

is capable of making different sizes of cable trays. The cable trays produced by our cable tray roll forming machine are widely used in factories and other buildings because of their accurate construction and robustness. Our cable tray roll forming machine is easy to operate as are manufactured as per the industrial parameters. This Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine can be adjusted easily to produce the Cable Tray’s Top and Bottom.


The machines will be ready within 60 days (excluding 20 days Chinese Spring Festival holiday) from receipt of the deposit as well as approval of sales contract, technical specification and profile drawing. The shipment will be made within 10 days after the seller receives the balance.


30% of the contract price is to be paid by T/T in advance; the balance is to be paid to seller by T/T before the shipment. Installation charge is to be paid before installation by T/T.


Whole machine has ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

Cavo rullo vassoio che forma macchina

Materia primaLaminato a freddo di acciaio, acciaio laminato a caldo
Resa Forza235 Mpa
Spessore1,0-2,0 mm
Materia prima CoilSecondo passerelle tipo diverso
Piatto Lunghezza3 metri
Coil IDΦ508 ± 20 mm
Coil OD≤Φ1100 mm
Peso della bobina≤ 5 tonnellate
Rotolo Velocità Forming16 M / min (secondo piatto 6 metri di lunghezza)
Lunghezza Tolleranza± 2 mm
Fonte di potere380 V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz (secondo la richiesta del compratore)
Potenza totaleCirca il 45 KW


Componenti Elenco per vassoio rotolo Cable forma macchina

Aspo 1 set
Livellamento macchina 1 set
Punzonatura; Marcatura; Macchina da taglio 1 set
Rollgang 1 set
Rotolo Ex 1 set
Un-powered Table Support 1 set
Idraulico sistema Drive Control 1 set
Sistema di controllo elettrico 1 set
Pannello di controllo Sistema 1 set

Profilo disegno

Prodotti finiti

I prodotti finiti per vassoio rotolo cavo forma macchina

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